Wednesday, October 24, 2007


so the concert on Monday was amazing! i got to meet Bryce the bassist (before AND after the show!) and Ben the australian guitarist who plays with them on the road...but alas, no Jason or Rick (:-( sigh....).

However, I did score autographs thanks to my new friend Cayte who knows Rick's mom and therefore got to go back and meet Rick and Jason when their road manager wouldn't let them come out and mingle with the fans. and here is my beloved, now-autographed cd liner!!!

what kind of road manager-nazi wouldn't let the band come out for a few minutes to sign autographs and take pictures with the legions of adoring fans? that's called good publicity...geeminy!

so Rick and Jason, you got away this time, but I shall meet you someday!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Crappy Movie

I saw "30 Days of Night" last night, and it bigtime sucked. It had a FEW "boo!" scary moments, but beyond that it wasn't that great as far as horror movies go. I wasn't scared leaving the theatre or walking into my dark house afterwards. The vampires were gross but kinda cheesy, and they kept alluding to their past, etc., but the movie never explained anything about where they came from, why they targeted this particular town, why they waited so long to do it, etc. The acting was ok for the most part, but the plot was sorely lacking, as was the writing. Definitely not worth the $9.50 movie ticket, and maybe not even the $4.99 rental fee at Blockbuster. We need more truly scary movies like The Exorcist, or 28 Days Later and its sequel, or just a good, really terrifying ghost movie. I am a horror junkie, but I've been less than impresed with the recent horror offerings, other than 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later. Anybody else see it? (hope you too didn't waste your money :-D )

Friday, September 21, 2007

oh yeah....

....i had forgotten some of the insane stuff i love to watch on youtube, but now i remember! so here are a couple of my favorites, along with the mean kitty song, which you can watch by clicking on the top kitty picture in the top left corner of this page :-)

Brilliant Video #1
Brilliant Video #2

i'll stop with those....this could go on all night if i wanted it to :-D
i know, i'm nuts, but hey, this is JANNALAND!!

Tonite will be a sorta late night...

I am staying up to buy tickets for the Lifehouse concert on October 22 at Marquee Theatre in Tempe. They go on sale at midnight. I LIVE for Lifehouse!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More great news!

I've been telling people for YEARS (literally years!) that spiders are evil and their sole purpose is to wipe out the human race and bring about arachnid world domination.


and in TEXAS, nonetheless!

UPDATE: Here is a video of it. You are looking a the beginning of the end, my friends...

Friday, August 31, 2007

oddly enough....

I think I'm hooked on the god channel. it is endlessly fascinating and entertaining! after David's story last night and the myriad valuable lessons learned from it, I had another great program in store!

the great Benny Hinn's (every time I hear his name I think of Benny Hana...chinese anyone?) personal physician of 20 years, age rejuvenation specialist (or something like that...he was botoxed and nip-tucked out of his mind) Dr. Don Colbert and his wife Mary (no botox there...good for her!) had a nice televised sitdown, which was a thinly veiled attempt to hawk one of his books, I think. But that's neither here nor there. The topic was the obesity epidemic in the church. Apparently some scientists at Purdue University did a study and found that churchgoing folks are heavier than the godless heathens who can think for themselves outside the church. (these scientists need to get a life, obviously. um, I think we are still waiting on the cure for cancer, so why not devote your energies to that instead? great!)

Dr. Colbert went on to say that christians are supposed to be shining epistles of christ (just looked up epistle on and that statement doesn't entirely make sense to me, but I think I see what he's getting at), but instead people look at all the gluttonous christians (his words, not mine) and see a sick and diseased church, which essentially turns people off. Then he quoted some verses from Numbers wherein these fatties ate 20 bushels of quail and then god proceeded to set his sights on striking down the gluttons. He said that Christians believe it is wrong to drink and to indulge in almost every other way, besides with food, so that is at the root of this problem. The church needs to address it, he says, because gluttony is as bad as drunkenness.

Now, I have a slightly different theory. I think that in a lot of cases, the type of people who so ardently devote themselves to religion tend to be insecure people who are emotionally unfulfilled in other areas of their life, so they try to find solace in other mindless activities, such as unquestioning worship. They medicate themselves with whatever is available, and if religion isn't quite hitting the spot, then they turn to something else. Food, for instance.

hypocrisy in action

This lovely beast belongs to what I somewhat fondly refer to as "the god channel"...and this evening I somehow got caught up in a little doohickey about King David on here whilst channel surfing. Now, I gotta be honest here. I was tuning in just for the smiting. But let me tell you what I learned before we get to the smiting.

First of all, I don't know many specifics about the bible, and quite frankly, I don't mind keeping it that way. But in just under an hour of watching this fascinating rendering, I learned several things:

-Apparently David wrote the 23 Psalm ("the lord is my shepard..." yada yada yada);
-I'm guessing he's the David of "star of David" fame;
-He's the David of David and Goliath fame;
-He's god's chosen one, which ties in directly with my next point: smiting.

Now, our good king David gets it on with urias' wife bathsheba (who had a dreamy peaches and cream complexion and perfect bouncy sorta sexy bedhead curls, btw...)
*** Adultery, strike #1 ***

Next, he abuses his power and sends urias into battle and orders his evil henchmen to basically make sure he gets killed.
*** Ordering a hit/murder, strike #2 ***

So the land is beset with a drought, which causes famine and hardship and suffering, whereupon king David's loyal subjects (led by this hippie shit named Nathan who was convinced god spoke to him) promptly turned on him and accused him of all these wrongdoings, rightfully so. Long story short, David goes to the tabernacle where he talks to this huge chest which represents god somehow (isn't that like false worship or something? amazing all the inconsistencies....) and basically dares god to smite him. Right to his face, mano y mano.

Now, being the harsh and anger-management-challenged old testament god, I expected him to make David a stain on the tabernacle floor at any second. But no. God, that old softie, made it rain instead, ending the drought! and what's more, king David and that adultress whore bathsheba lived happily ever after!

So, moral of the story? I learned that according to the Christian code, apparently, not only can I murder someone, or at the very least order a hit on them, after having an affair with their wife, and all I have to then do is pray to an inanimate object of my choice, and voila! I'm good to go, no smiting in store for me! Aint it grand?

At least if I'm the "chosen one"....otherwise my ass is goin' to HELL!!!!!